Mangku (pronounced MAHNG-goo) is an Iwaidja word meaning ‘shade’ or ‘shelter’. It is the shade cast by a tree or built structure, which offers a comfortable place to sit and gossip, discuss important issues, share stories and transmit knowledge.

Launched in August 2011, The Mangku is the name of a website where these activities can also take place. Iwaidja, spoken by a small number of people in N.W. Arnhem Land, Australia, is one of the world’s many highly endangered languages.


26.09.11 26.08.2011 The MANGKU Goes Live (contributed by Bruce Birch)

Today we took the first tentative steps in what we hope is a long and interesting journey. I have just uploaded the first 'real' content to our new website, The MANGKU. You can see the entry by clicking here....

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