Beach Morning Glory

Ipomoea pes-caprae


Generally prostrate vine with perennial swollen roots; leaves two-lobed, to 12 cm long, dark green, thick; flowers pink, large; fruit a brown globular capsule. Found in coastal areas on sandy beaches and dunes. Flowers and fruit year round.


The leaves are boiled or warmed up on the fire and applied to affected areas to reduce swelling, and to draw infection from boils. They may also be used to stop aching teeth by placing them against the cheek near the toothache.

 The swollen horizontal roots may be eaten after a short roasting in ashes or hot sand.

(Source: Blake, N., Wightman, G., and Williams, L. 1998. Iwaidja Ethnobotany, p. 87. NT Botanical Bulletin No. 23, Parks and Wildlife Commission, Darwin.)