White Apple

Syzygium eucalyptoides spp. bleeseri


A small tree to 7 m high, but often seen as root suckers to 1 high; leaves broadly ovate to 12 cm long, dull green; flowers cream with long stamens; fruit globular to 5 cm diameter, fleshy, white to pale pink. Occurs on Eucalypt savanna. Flowers August-November. Fruit September-December.


The fruit are eaten when they are ripe (white-pink). This plant often occurs as patches of short suckers to about 1 metre high. Though these plants are only short they often fruit heavily.

(Source: Blake, N., Wightman, G., and Williams, L. 1998. Iwaidja Ethnobotany, p. 123. NT Botanical Bulletin No. 23, Parks and Wildlife Commission, Darwin.)