Wild Apple

Syzygium suborbiculare


A tree to 6 m high; leaves broadly ovate to 16 cm long, dull green; flowers with many long white stamens; fruit globular to 5 cm diameter, pink to pale pink. Occurs in coastal areas, especially in sandy areas behind beaches and mangroves.


The large pink-white fruit are eaten when they are ripe, during barlihaj the early part of the wet season. The fruit have a sweet pleasant taste. This tree has dull green leaves and grows in coastal areas, especially on fore-dunes or sandy areas near mangroves or the beach. While this plant and yirryala are both placed under the name Syzygium suborbiculare, they are considered similar but quite different in the Iwaidja classification of plants.

(Source: Blake, N., Wightman, G., and Williams, L. 1998. Iwaidja Ethnobotany, p. 124. NT Botanical Bulletin No. 23, Parks and Wildlife Commission, Darwin.)